Red Star (Morrison Recordings)

Morrison Recordings | MOR001

The first release of the new imprint Morrison Armada,
Red Star” is an energy-filled, uplifting vocal track
that has Marinella’s voice working to full effect here
overtop the guitars and strings.
The remix package is lush as well, with a Bruce Aisher remix being mellowed out and perfect for a comedown on a club set.
The Michael Cassette mix is more peak time, and has recently been selected for the Armani Exchange compilation mixed by Markus Schulz.
Lastly the Paul Keeley remix is floaty, atmospheric and goes down very well in the clubs, more so for early-on rather than later.
Support here has been wide-ranging, from Sasha and John Digweed to Armin Van Buuren to Nick Warren to Tiësto to Danny Howells, and many more.