Floex "Zorya"

The second long-awaited Tomas Dvorak album is out now !

The second Floex album “Zorya“, which includes a track sung by Musetta “Nel Blu”, is out now.
Intimate and enjoyable set of compositions, centered around clarinet and piano are accompanied by Tomáš Dvorák‘s electronic wizardry.

Number of acoustic instruments played by guest musicians from different parts of the World were incorporated with insight into the train and signif icantly developed its track. Would hardly be Casanova without the trumpet of Slovak jazz mastermind Oskar Török, Precious Creature without the vocal of Minneapolis based singer and actor James Rone, Veronika’s Dream without the violoncello of Berlin philharmonic member Tomáš Jamník and Nel Blu without the empathic vocal of Marinella Mastrosimone of Italian electronic stars Musetta.

Album which takes Slavic night guard goddess “Zorya Polunochnaya” as symbol, explores deeper, subconscious and nightly moods of the music. Despite its soundtrack aura, this may be Floex’s most energetic album up to date – very adventurous, ecstatic and almost storytelling. Sounding as contemporary as it is evocative of another time and place. Musica nocturna of these days and especially nights!”

You can buy it on Floex Store