FNAC (originally Fédération Nationale d’Achats des Cadres, or National Shopping Federation for Managers) is an international entertainment retail chain offering cultural and electronic products, founded by André Essel and Max Théret in 1954. It is the largest retailer of its kind in France.Its head office is in Le Flavia in Ivry-sur-Seine near Paris. The company’s founders, André Essel and Max Théret were both part of France’s Young Socialists movement, a left-wing militant group. Fnac was founded to provide affordable products to the worker, who had increasing purchasing power. As a result, it remained true to its socialist beliefs. Today, the company prides itself on offering a diverse range of products, impartial advice from their employees, ensuring their products are up to standard by being checked in an independent test centre and blacklisting those that do not meet a minimum set of requirements.