Born in 2006, Biokip Gallery is Biokip’s itinerant expositive space.
It’s a fresh window for contemporary underground art, and it periodically hosts the works of different artist coming from the most several creative backgrounds.
Since years, the Biokip Gallery has been speaking with the voice of the most innovative artistic languages, such as fine arts, graphic, illustration, photography, street-art, video art, interactive installations and many more.
Every personal or collective art-show of the gallery has a deep connection to precise themes; the goal is to look through our society’s virtues and vices, in order to focus the attention of the audience on cultural and social habits.
Biokip Gallery’s themes are our days’ injustices, taboos and contradictions, as well as constructive behaviours, ideas and feelings: every topic is handled with sharp irony and a not too serious pitch. Following out every subject in all its aspects, Biokip Gallery’s art-shows can always have something inusual, innovative and unexpected to say.
Despite its age, the gallery’s already a newsworthy benchmark for the contemporary underground art scene, and it can count on a good credibility in the eyes of many trade magazines, webzines and all the other creativity’s insiders.
Biokip’s nonstop looking for new artists to join the crew so, if you think your art will fit in Biokip Gallery’s expos, don’t hesitate to contact the gallery.