On June 29th, at 10pm, the Magazzini Generali of Milan will host Sound in a Frame, an evening of concerts and exhibits brought to you by IED Milan. Velvet, with special guests Versus, The Glamour Manifesto and My Awesome Mixtape, will be performing in settings with photographic and video installations provided by IED students.

Sound in a Frame is a school project launched in 2008 for the development of photographic and video installations as a backdrop for musical acts and is now in its third year. In March 2010 four groups of Photography and Video Design students were chosen to meet and work alongside the bands Velvet, The Glamour Manifesto, My Awesome Mixtape and Versus. Each student was asked to provide imagery and artistic interpretations for the bands in the form of photos and videos to be exhibited to guests at the Magazzini Generali on the evening of June 29th, as a frame for the musical performances of the bands.

Rolling Stone magazine is the event’s Media Partner, as well as partner of IED Arti Visive for the Rolling Broadcast project, a multimedia creative workshop launched this year for IED students.