Wedding Music No No’s:
A beautiful bride and groom take the floor for their first dance. As you hear the music start, you ready your tissues for the romantic sight you’re about to see. But hold on just a second. What’s that they’re playing? This song is all about a breakup!

Every Breath You Take – Police (you’re marrying your creepy stalker)
I will Always Love You – Whitney Houston (Please, no talk of “bittersweet memories” at your wedding)
Lips of an Angel – Hinder (cheating on his girlfriend)
My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion (she’s singing the song to her dead boyfriend)
Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton (little too early to be talking about death)
I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor (about surviving a horrible breakup!)
Jesse’s Girl – Rick Springfield (the bride is sleeping with the Best Man)
White Wedding – Billy Idol (this song is about hating his sister’s fiancé)
Love Stinks, You Gave Love A Bad Name, Tainted Love (all self explanatory)