On September 2 though, Magnolia Parade will be back – a festival that, for a week, places Idroscalo in the middle of Europe, a festival that Magnolia came up with 4 days, 40 hours of music, 20 live sets, 40 dj sets, 5 stages, a chill out area, a campsite (with wi-fi and bike-sharing) and 100 panels that turn the sun into positive energy, the only energy you’ll be feeling inside the Idroscalo park besides the one set in motion by such prestigious artists as: Nouvelle Vague, Peaches, The Bloody Beetroots, Mark Lanegan, Andy Smith, Addictive Tv, Moderat, Bugo, Meg and still many more to come
Dj sets and live sets will follow each other for 4 nights, sharing between them the responsibility of making you jump up and down from the afternoon to the first lights of the dawn, when chirping birds will take over the consolle
As it happens everywhere but here: great new artists (Iori’s Eyes, Heike Has The Giggles – the most shining lights of Italy’s new rock scene) and great “old” artists (Meg, Bugo, LnRipley, Fratelli Calafuria), the past as seen from the future (Nouvelle Vague and their bossanova re-interpretation of new wave classics), the future as seen from the present tense (for the first time in Italy the React-table, the spaceship-instrument that will revolutionize the music invented by the Politechnic of Barcelona), the present tense as seen from the present tense (with Mr. Oizo, the Apparat+Model Selektor duo, Shinichi Osawa’s Japanese electro-rave and Blatta&Inesha’s Italian one) and other tons of images with whom to fill your brain (those by Addictive Tv, people who remix cinema scenes as if they were d’n’b music and those by Tempelhof, a collective that sets itself between This Mortal Coil and George Meliés)
Indisputable sponsor of the event, a queen of dirty and broken hearts, here comes Peaches, the Canadian girl who set the world on fire without even shaving her armpits
As if this was not enough, amidst the trees you’ll find a dome that hides a techno-stage that will throw you in a future where Milan is not on the outskirts of Europe anymore.
A future that begins on September 2.